Really. I love my job. I can't call it a "job". It's what I do and it's what I love. I just obsessively reviewed for the second time my shoot from yesterday and if I were as tech savvy as most of my peers, I would post a photo from yesterday to go along with this post, but alas, it's Sunday, I'm not willing to go get my card reader from my backyard studio because it's cold and rainy and I DO have the whole Sunday NYT to read, but I just had to post what I'm feeling. The 2010 wedding season is kicking in and with two spring weddings under my belt, including yesterday's I can't wait for more. I LOVE my clients. I have the most thoughtful and lovely clients and feel so lucky! After a typical very hard day physically and mentally I was rewarded by a total love-fest between me and my bride when it came time to bid adieu. She was so appreciateive of my hard work, enthusiasm and relaxed way of working that she gushed and I came right back at her with so many thanks for being such a warm, loving and enthusiastic subject. My clients had a fabulous wedding day despite the threatened rain and cold that drew their dream vineyard destination wedding indoors and my bride made sure I knew at the end of the day that I contributed to their fun and relaxation. Did I say I love what I do? This thought actually took me away from the Sunday NYT! I promise to post a couple of sneak peek photos tomorrow!